Caddy Canopy Features

Our canopies come in two categories, lifestyle and workstyle, but they all share the same common features.

  • Hand-laid fiberglass one piece shell for added strength

  • Smooth finish

  • Automotive 2 Pack paint

  • Lateral rear door water drain gutters to minimise water entering the tub through the tailgate

  • Internal light with rear door activation

  • Internal roof lining for enhanced visual appeal

  • No-drill clamping system for fitment to vehicle

  • Reinforced fibreglass back door frame for increased strength and protection of glass

  • Tempered safety glass

  • Tinting manufactured into the side and rear glass windows for extra privacy

  • Rear mounted 3rd brake light

  • Twin gas struts on all doors for easy opening and accessibility

  • Slam latch doors for single hand operation

  • Front sliding window for ease in cleaning the rear of the cabin window

  • Stainless steel hardware to prevent rust

  • All canopies are uniquely keyed to avoid someone else having a matching key

  • Design styling to complement the vehicle

  • New Feature!
    We are happy to announce that we are currently in the process of introducing REMOTE LOCKING on some of our ute canopies! This feature is progressively being launched into our GSE-S style canopies and will be more readily available across other style canopies on newer model vehicles. For enquiries, apply for a quick quote.

    Additional Information

  • Caddy Storage offers ute canopies which are colour coded to the paint manufacturers’ specifications. An identification colour code is developed by the paint manufacturer to try to accommodate any variations on vehicles painted worldwide as one generic colour.

    The process of colour coding is not the same as colour matching. We do not offer colour matching or claim an exact colour match between the canopy and the vehicle. Colour matching is undertaken by vehicle repairers who can accurately match the colour of your vehicle irrespective of factory paint variations, or how old or weather-affected the vehicle is by varying the colour of the paint prior to application. If you seek an exact colour match to your vehicle, you should consult a panel beater for more information.

  • Ute canopies are not waterproof. They are weatherproof. If high pressure hoses or car washes are used on the canopy or tub, there may be leaks (in fact, in case you didn't know, ute tubs generally aren't waterproof either).

  • Canopies weigh approximately 100kgs each. This can vary depending on the style of canopy (ie. lifestyle/worktyle, window configuration).

  • Some ute canopies may have remote locking installed. The remote locking system supplied in these select ute canopies are an independent unit with their own controlling key and are not integrated into the vehicle's OEM central locking system.

  • Caddy Canopy Load Ratings

    All ute canopies have standard roof bars or roof rails (depending on the canopy) ready to accept roof racks.
    Load ratings for roof racks are dependent on the type of bars installed on the canopy.

    Description: Factory longitudinal rails with Alpha style crossbars

    Suits: Lifestyle canopy

    Load Rating: 30kg (subject to product being carried)

    These come free with all lifestyle canopies on our current special.
    Description: Factory tracks with Alpha workstyle roof racks

    Suits: Workstyle canopy

    Load Rating: 60kg

    These come free with all workstyle canopies on our current special.
    Description: Factory longitudinal rails with Rhino Rack SXB/CXB

    Suits: Lifestyle canopy

    Load Rating: 75kg

    Description: Factory tracks with Rhino Rack Caddy 04 (80mm leg) and/or Caddy 05 (50mm leg)

    Suits: Workstyle canopy

    Load Rating: 100kg